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you are not failing

A mother of two young children said to me, “It may seem like I always give up – but really it’s quite the opposite.”

I love this sentiment because now especially, during COVID-19, perseverance and adaptability is what I see you parents doing.  All. Day. Long.

Maybe you:

  • Have young kids and feel lonely with little to no help
  • Are attempting the Wonder Woman persona – keeping all plates spinning for your children (but losing focus on your personal needs)
  • Have to literally be next to your kid with special needs and none of the strategies you have received from your child's teacher on how to engage them (without your constant presence!) are working

Listen…this is hard.  Your struggle is not a measure of your inherent goodness as a parent.

You are not failing.

You are human.  And vulnerable. And doing the best you can. 

And dangit, you definitely deserve a break!!

So, how about you give the academic plan a rest and do something fun for your kid – that does not require you to teach it?!

With your sanity in mind, I pulled together a few of my favorite free resources.  You’ll need to get your kid started but the goal is to let the teacher teach (and the parent rest).

  • Daily Move Mindfully breaks at 4pm to Breathe, Move and Rest via FB Live here (with Kathy Flaminio & team)
  • Brain Gym Movement Meet-ups Fridays at 11am via Zoom, signup here (with Cindy Goldade)
  • Short 5-minute character development videos for middle- to high-schoolers here (with Joe Beckman)


  • Daily guided breathing meditation at 8am via FB Live here (with Denise Gunderson)
  • Inner Smile Meditation with Kevin Niv Farrow, on Spotify

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