Using Your Skills To Help Your Ideal Client

Using Your Skills To Help Your Ideal Client

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Do you KNOW you have the skills to help parents better connect with their kids but you are unsure how or where to start?

If you are a certified parent coach, an educator, a mental health provider, or other family service professional you probably find yourself here these days…

...passionate...and confused.

You want to help parents in the ways they need right now but it means starting a business -- or “marketing yourself” -- and both are no joke.  

One of our newly Mad to GladTM certified parent coaches, Myeida, recently said, “I know I can help parents but I’m not sure how to get them as clients.”

During a coaching session with our team’s business coach extraordinaire, Summer Picha, she gained courage and a new set of skills to put herself out there.

The session started like all zoom meetings start lately…”Hi, can you hear me, is the camera working ok?” 

Myeida wondered what all entrepreneurs wonder, “Am I supposed to put up a Facebook ad to get clients?”

But established, successful entrepreneurs know that marketing is never a simple answer like that.  Rather, it requires a deep dive into the vision of your business to make sure you’ve identified your Ideal Client Profile.

Your Ideal Client Profile helps you know exactly who you WANT to work with.  So you don’t throw spaghetti at the wall hoping it will stick….er, or hundreds of dollars at Facebook hoping someone calls you. 

Within one coaching session, Summer helped Myeida clarify her Ideal Client Profile and develop a branded message that speaks directly to those people.

Myeida always knew how to deliver on her promise -- parenting tools that bring more peace and joy into homes -- and now she can communicate this so the right people call her for help.

Clarity Breeds Action

Like many entrepreneurs, Myeida needed help defining her ideal client.  To turn her thoughts into something she could confidently act on.

After a visualization exercise where she thought about funny details, like the type of handbag her ideal client might own, she quickly uncovered where this type of person hangs out both in-person and online.

And because people are hanging out online more during Covid-life we smartly explored how to attract and connect with them using basic technical skills.

Entrepreneurial Tip: You do not need to be a tech guru to get private clients. Marketing boils down to passion, a clear ideal client, plus a dose of courage to communicate with them (which easily surfaces when you have a business coach who’s got your back!).  

A Common Missing Piece (or, “Why Your Ideal Client Isn’t Contacting You”)

To do the meaningful work you are meant to do in the world you must directly invite your clients to contact you so you can have a conversation.  

That’s right, an actual conversation.  In marketing, this invitation is called a  “call to action.” 

If you put yourself out there -- fingers crossed, hoping someone will call -- but do not invite them to take the next step with you,  your marketing is incomplete. 

We know -- It feels uncomfortable or salesy at first)! 

(You think, “Can’t we skip talking and you just hire me?”)

Haha, nope.  This is where you begin treating your business as a business.

For Myeida, she and Summer were able to identify her simple, yet specific process to communicate with her Ideal Client through online marketing.  And because business coaching is super efficient and effective, they had time to identify Myeida’s call to action (scheduling a virtual Zoom conversation) and conversational steps to learn about the client, build trust and get hired for her parent coaching services.

It’s time to take ACTION!

You are reading this because you have skills to help parents and you’re willing to do a little hard work to get hired.  

Our suggestion?  Take the time to work on your business by journaling on YOUR ideal client.  

It’s your time to shine,


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 If you’re someone who thinks about journaling but never gets it done you might be a verbal processor.  Meaning: you resolve what’s in your head by talking to actual humans.  Summer and I are hosting a free online conversation to help you clarify the work you want to do that also makes you happy.  Keep an eye on your inbox for more details in the coming week.