Turn that Parenting Frown Upside Down (Fun Gift Inside)

It seems like whenever I’m out-and-about with my toddler, an empty-nester whose child has grown-up and left home, says, “It goes fast.  Enjoy every moment.”

I DO enjoy parenting my toddler.  His age is a good match for my skill set.  His personality fits well with the temperaments in our household.

But this well-meaning advice is unsolicited, and I always think, “What if my child was emotionally intense and having a hard time by melting down in public?”

What if I WASN’T enjoying parenting because my child never listened behind closed doors?  What if every transition was like pulling teeth, and my child had big outbursts on a daily basis? 

This is a story I hear frequently as a certified parent coach who specifically supports parents of emotionally intense kids.

Every parent I work with is devoted to their child and loves them…but liking them can be an entirely different layer.

That’s why I created the Mad to Glad Blueprint.  To teach parents positive and simple strategies that help their child feel calm and listen and transition (without a fight).

When parents know these practical brain-based tools, their weekends become less dreadful and their Fridays become something they positively look forward to again.  

How do you begin to enjoy weekends again?  It’s called “Happy Chemicals.”

“Happy chemicals” is my 3rd pillar of parenting. 

After you understand how to calm your child’s fight or flight stress response (“fire in the brain”), our next job is to add positive excitement.

Cuz if you walk around all calm and serene, your intense child will pick a fight, being that they’re used to stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol.

To counteract this, we want to flood their brain with happy chemicals through a simple relationship technique, so they have more dopamine and oxytocin and feel happier (and become more fun to be around)!

Recently, I recorded a conversation with a new friend, Nichole Smaglick, founder of Cooper & Kid.  Her local company creates “family field trips in a box.”  Cooper Kits contain games and activities that foster a fun family environment, promote character development, and strengthen emotional intelligence.

In our recorded conversation, Nichole shares activities that you can do with your kids to build trust and emotional mindfulness.  

NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: When you register for Mad to Glad Blueprint, you get the “Weenies and Meanies” social emotional skills card game that Nichole spotlights, for FREE (I’m buying!). See the P.S. after my signature for the special code to redeem (expires Sunday 10/16/22).

View our conversation here [run time 20 minutes].

Turning the Frown Upside Down: Finding Fun in Parenting

Back to what I was saying earlier…life goes fast with kids.

There are tough moments but there can be fun ones, too.  If you need help infusing a bit of laughter and adventure behind your family’s closed doors, I hope you consider joining my October cohort of Mad to Glad Blueprint.

I teach it only a couple times a year and (honestly) the price goes up in 2023.

Join me.  Learn simple parenting tools.  Get customized coaching.

You don’t have to navigate this process alone.  

And, quite frankly, within two weeks you’re going to think, “Wow I was working way too hard at this parenting thing.  Who knew that refining my approach would give me more time/energy/enjoyment in such a short time?” 

I knew that.  And I know it’s possible for you!  Join me – class starts Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 4pm Central.  View class topics and register here.

If you can’t join live, please don’t worry.  The replay and group coaching will be sent out after each session, and you can ask questions in our private Facebook group.

With love,



Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families


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P.S. Free “Weenies and Meanies Character Development” game for all Mad to Glad Blueprint registrations starting today through October 16 – use special code FAMILYFUN at checkout here.  We’ll send a separate email with instructions on how to get it shipped for free, and if you decide you want an awesome, fun Cooper Kit we’ll throw a $30 coupon code your way.     

P.P.S. In this game, children learn that we all have a choice in how we respond.  It helps your child accept both their brave and shy, selfless, and selfish, humble and proud sides.  Guide your kids in way that teaches them how to love themselves and others as whole, complete human beings. 


Continuing education, advanced training, and parent coach certification for professionals who support intense kids and their families. View my mental health Ted Talk on helping families heal from stress here.