The Realities of Parenting and Healing

These past months, it's felt like I've been wandering in life's chaos. Not the adventurous kind, but the kind that leaves you feeling a bit lost.

I'm sure many parents can relate, especially when big school breaks or the holidays hit. But what happens when that chaos doesn't quite settle, unlike everyone else who seems to have it figured out?

In my professional life, I'm all about Parent Coaching, Certifying Professionals, and National Keynote Speaking. But in my personal journey, holistic health became a priority back in 2007 when a sudden, unexplained illness knocked me off my feet.

The road to restoration was long and winding, full of autoimmune struggles and anti-inflammation diets, and the realities of a sensitive nervous system. Even today, I have moments when symptoms flare, and I must dial back the pace. 

Do you ever find yourself forced to dial back the pace? 🔁

Emails pile up, communications fade, and that inner critic kicks in.

In my home lately, piles of clothes, stacks of mail, and scattered toys tell their own story. My desire for fun date nights and social time has dwindled.

Why am I sharing this? Because I know that raising an emotionally intense child can be consuming too -- and some things aren’t ever quite “gotten on top of” again.

Add in your own therapy/ reparenting/ healing journey and, like me, you excel in one area but find gaps in others. You may lack the energy, time, or motivation.  Life advances, but at the pace of fits and spurts. 

If this sounds familiar, know you're not alone. Parenting and life can be tough. You can't have it all perfectly managed, and that's fine. 🌟

Last night, I felt grateful for simple things: being present at dinner, spending quality time playing “helicopter blade” with my 3.5-year-old, and being in bed by 9pm.

If you're a parent feeling a bit overwhelmed, join me this Friday for my Free Gathering Call at 3 pm CST. 

🗣️We'll talk parenting, raising emotionally intense kids, and I'll share some insights on what's beneath those challenging behaviors. RSVP here. (And yes, everyone who registers gets the recording).

Remember, modern life is full.  You're doing better than you think.




Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

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P.S. 🚁 Turns out my hubby captured a video of Mason and I playing “helicopter blade.”  I just posted on Instagram here if you want to see our silly game. 🚁

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