The End of “Feeling Trapped” (Relief Inside)

I heard it twice last week: “My kid’s outbursts make me feel trapped.”

Maybe you know the feeling.  Your child gets worked up, angry, or anxious and you can’t get away.  They follow you around the house and you feel held hostage.

When you have a child who expresses themselves quickly – and intensely – you go through all your ideas, trying to “just stop” the situation.

You feel fried and you wish you didn’t hate parenting, but in these moments at home the therapies and well-meaning suggestions haven’t improved your overall situation.

I know it can be painful to HOPE after you’ve tried so many things – and you may not want a specialist telling you parenting can get easier with a different set of tools – so I decided to let Rob tell you instead

Rob is the single parent of a 6-year-old girl.  He started parent coaching because his family has some grief and trauma in their history, and he wasn’t enjoying parenting. 

His daughter got worked up quickly over small things (like wanting a cake pop dessert) and he never knew if the fight would get dragged on for an hour.  Over time, her reactions triggered Rob’s frustration and despair, thinking, “Here we go again!”

Moments that were supposed to be fun simply weren’t -- until he learned BRAIN-based parenting tools that were effective at calming his daughter’s reactive nature.  (A brain-based parenting approach DOES matter).

Watch Rob’s Story [less than 2 minute runtime] Here

As Rob shared, when you have a simple way to decrease your child’s intensity it increases your patience.  You have a little more of a bucket.  A 5% improvement easily becomes a 10% gain, and things get a little easier. 

Rob’s “upward spiral” is common for parents who learn the Mad to Glad Blueprint.

It’s my eight week, live online course where you get a simple brain-based strategy to try each week AND CUSTOMIZED GROUP COACHING so you know EXACTLY how to modify it to work for your unique family.

We specifically talk through your stuck points, like how to implement a tool when you’re in the car, or making dinner, or in a quiet church building. 

Join me!  We start Tuesday, October 18 at 4pm Central.  View class topics and register here.

Every class is recorded, and the replay is sent afterwards so you hear the strategy and the coaching, if you can’t attend live.  Plus, you get to submit questions in our private Facebook group so you don’t have to go it alone!

The goal of parenting is enjoyment.  And ease.  And having the type of relationship where you finally get to focus on things other than behavior, like enjoying time together.

With love,



Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

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