Smoothly navigate the holiday hoopla

What does the holiday hoopla look like at your house? 

Kids on extended break from school or daycare. 


Late bedtimes.  Special treats.  Shift in routine.  

How does this time of year feel to you? 

Experience tells me there are some parents who enjoy the extra time together, and some who are already wishing it were over, and everyone was back in their normal routines. 

One thing I know is that extra support in planning how to smoothly navigate the holiday hoopla can be extremely helpful.  

A few [simple] best practices can go a long way to creating peace and enjoyment in your home.  I want to share these with you in my new program. 

I developed this new program -- called “Mad to Glad Community” – to take people who are familiar with the Mad to Glad Blueprint beyond the 8 pillars and into everyday life, right now.  

I’m kicking it off December 20 with the special topic, Best Tips to Smoothly Navigate the Holiday Hoopla. 

What this is: Online webinar w/ special topic teaching for 10 minutes, then we roll right into Q&A, and on-the-spot coaching. 

When: Tuesday, December 20 @ 4:00-5:00pm Central (yes, a replay will be sent to all who register) 

Who this is for:  People who are familiar with the Mad to Glad Blueprint and want more tools + coaching to navigate what’s happening in your life now.  

Cost: Regular cost is $129/month but as a founding member in this new program, you get it for $59/month.  Use special code: early70.

When you sign up for this special topic, you’re signing up for the Mad to Glad Community that gives you 2 special topic w/ coaching calls every month.  You can cancel after the first month if you don’t like it – but I think you will! 

Future topics include:

“Who You Want To Be”

“Developing Your Family’s Screentime Plan (w/o Arguments)”

“Making Bedtime Easier”

“Etc, etc” . . . based on your requests 

Sign up for this call -- and this community -- as a gift to yourself this holiday season for only $59/month (special code: early70). 

I compiled my best practical tips to navigate this time of year in a way that brings you laughter and joy instead of meltdowns and regrets. 

Let’s take your family to the next level of enjoyment. 

With love,



Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

P.S. Sarah, mother of 2, knows how being at home can be a lot more work than being at work.  Listen to the transformation that has her looking forward to two weeks at home with her daughters.

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