No Judgment, Just Support (Sarah’s Story)

Sarah knows the realities parents face.  

As a pediatric Nurse Practitioner, her everyday work involves diagnosing and supporting families dealing with ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, and mental health challenges. But beyond her clinical role, Sarah is passionate about supportive communities where parents can openly share their experiences without fear of judgment.

In a recent conversation, Sarah opened up about the complexities of parenting, drawing from her own journey as a mother to two children, one of whom has a more reactive temperament

Parenting: It's Complicated

❣️Yep, we get it.  It can be so overwhelming when you're bombarded with conflicting advice from every direction. From Facebook groups to blog posts, it's like everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your kids.

"It's easy to feel like we're 'doing something wrong,'" Sarah noted. What parents truly need is a safe space where they can have candid conversations about parenting without fear of criticism.

Finding Support in Peer Groups

Sarah firmly believes in the power of peer support groups. "It's about coming together and lending a helping hand," she emphasized. "No judgment, just genuine support."

When Sarah joined my parent coaching program, she found exactly that—a group of parents who were there to cheer each other on and figure things out together. "I loved that there was no shame in the program," she said. "It was all about growth and finding solutions that worked for our families."

True to her compassionate nature, Sarah generously shares the valuable tools she acquired during our time together and how they brought more joy into her family dynamics.

📽️Watch Sarah’s Uplifting Story - Click Here 📽️

You may find echoes of your own parenting journey when you listen to Sarah’s story.  From the challenges of daily life to the moments of joy and connection, her journey reminds us that we're not alone on this adventure. And with the support of a compassionate community, we can navigate even the toughest of times. 




Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
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