Navigating Back-to-School Anxiety? Let’s Keep It Real! 😊

With the back-to-school season buzzing in, that mix of excitement and "how am I gonna manage this?" feeling is oh-so-relatable. I totally get it—my 3-year-old is gearing up for nature preschool, and we've been on a gear-shopping spree (those bright yellow outdoor coveralls? A big hit with the little one!). 

But fear not, we're in this journey together, and I've got some practical tips to ease the back-to-school transition, especially for parents who are concerned about their kids' anxiety levels. 

Let’s start by crafting a plan that transforms hectic mornings into calm routines and turns bedtime into a soothing lullaby rather than a wrestling match. And trust me, it's totally doable with these 4 simple tips.  Read on or watch my short video version here.

  • 1. Team Up for Routines: Gather the family for a heart-to-heart. Get the kids in on the action. Craft 5-8 manageable steps together. Whether you use pictures or lists, remember to infuse some quality time into the process—it's about more than just tasks.

  • 2. Practice Makes Perfect: Walk your kids through the routine step by step. Embrace a positive attitude, reminding everyone that learning and practicing together is key. Be upfront about the challenges, because real progress comes from tackling the tough parts. Check out my family’s “no tears” morning routine video for a glimpse of how it's done.

  • 3. Tech Timeout: Put screens on pause before school and 2 hours before bedtime. These devices can stir up quite a frenzy, and we're aiming for a smoother transition vibe. Need personalized guidance? Join me on a free monthly gathering call: UPCOMING DATES HERE.

  • 4. Revamp the Sleep Zone: Transform your child's sleep space into a comfy haven. Slow down the pace and lower your voice. Dim those lights after supper. Let the natural waning daylight signal the brain to release its own sleepy chemicals, like melatonin.

These tips come straight from one parent to another. Let's conquer this school year with confidence and a dash of swagger! 🙌🏼📚🚌




Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

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