mental health/ parenting tips/ more fun [podcast]

Ashley was afraid of having kids.

Severe mental health challenges ran in her family, and she did a lot of healing work and therapy to get herself to a good spot in life.

She knew parents who looked miserable and she wanted to be happy.  So, she told her husband, “no kids.”  

Ashley now has three kids -- LOL!  And she thinks parenting is fun.

Check out our conversation on Ashley’s podcast, Yoga Magic, about the work that goes into parenting, how to support mental health in young children, and tips on creating a family life you WANT to be part of.

We talk about how our own edginess, irritation, or unhappiness with general life influences children’s mirror neurons.  And I share tips to improve whining / moody / clingy behavior.  

Find the episode here

I got a DM after the episode: “That was so helpful!  I feel like I’m always going through the motions lately.  I’m  always rushed even though I have no need to be rushed.  I liked your tips on slowing down to help me feel calmer and less edgy -- my kids can feel that!”  




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