It’s “All Good” Until … [Healing Practices for Helpers]

“I came to learn as many healing tools as I can,” shared one participant in our live webinar.

What a kickoff to my conversation with Steve Hoskinson, MA, MAT, founder of Organic Intelligence® (OI), and specialist in Post-Trauma Growth!

Steve educates and empowers “Helpers” to tap into their own joy and support the attunement process with others.  Sounds simple, but our Biology doesn’t easily move us toward recurring, effortless joy unless it’s practiced.

In fact, the majority of Helpers and Professionals who are dedicated to children and families feel self doubt about their work.  

Like we have to be perfect or super-human.  Like we’re not quite “enough” and need to keep “doing stuff” to grow.

Steve offers a different perspective…

In our recorded conversation (shared below), Steve shares that we all have a wholeness signal.  And that when we orient to pleasure our system organizes and feels good.  So we can simply arrive in a room with people and their healing impulse has potential to activate. 

Ahhhh.  We can relax and feel joy in the present moment as a starting point.

Then, we can layer in understanding of individual, family, and group systems to deepen the healing work.  

In the final 15 minutes or so you’ll hear me process tactical parenting strategies to reduce behavior and the underlying importance of presence when it comes to actual implementation. [View my free PDF on 11 Reasons Emotionally Intense Kids Act Out]

Listen to our fascinating (and complex) conversation here.

Our conversation weaved into intriguing topics like how:

  • Our brain anticipates the environment and maps our system to change accordingly in advance (vs. reacting upon arrival)
  • To keep from catching the distress of your client’s system
  • The “what’s wrong” attention gets going in a family system and repeats, repeats, repeats
  • Healing is about growing your system threshold not just reducing intensity
  • Children’s intensity and tics/stim “behaviors” can be signs to guide healing rather than pathological

And Steve offered a free week in his End of Trauma course through September 18, 2022 [sign up here].

I trust you’ll pick up interesting nuggets to apply in your work, or at least spark your interest in the fascinating perspective of Organic Intelligence.

With love,



Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

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