From Overwhelm to Family Fun: A Mother’s Journey

If you asked an empty-nester for advice on navigating the younger parenting years, they might mention something about "enjoying every moment." But let's face it, finding joy in the midst of raising three children, managing a career, nurturing a relationship, and addressing our own past is no small feat.

Meet Ashley, a mother of three daughters and the host of the popular Yoga Magic podcast, which focuses on mindfulness practices. She teaches people how to fill their cups so it is truly overflowing. Yet, when it came to parenting, Ashley felt she needed guidance.

Facing the Struggles:

Ashley's journey into the challenges of parenting intensified with the arrival of her second daughter. Everyday transitions, from leaving the house to bedtime routines, became constant sources of frustration. The toll these struggles took wasn't just on the parents but also on her older sister. It felt like they were stuck in an unending cycle of chaos.

Ashley knew her daughter wasn't a "bad" kid, as her teachers often reassured her. Nevertheless, her daughter's struggles at home were affecting their overall quality of life. They knew they needed a change, and that's when they turned to Mad to Glad for parenting tools.

Discovering the Transformative Power of Mad to Glad:

"This new approach was like a breath of fresh air," Ashley recalls. "I felt Samantha truly understood the unique personalities of our children, recognizing that what worked for one might not work for another. With her guidance, we embarked on a transformative journey."

Watch Ashley's Video Testimonial [runtime 7 minutes] 

In Ashley’s powerful video testimonial, she shares her journey and highlights some key tools that have made an incredible difference in their lives:

  1. Staying Calm: "Samantha helped us understand the importance of staying calm in all situations. She provided practical practices that enabled us to prevent chaos and excess stress."
  2. Establishing a Rhythm: "One of the most impactful tools was creating a daily rhythm. This allowed our children to anticipate what was coming next, reducing abrupt transitions and adding a flow to our day."
  3. Quality Connection Time: "We learned that it's not about spending the entire day entertaining our children. Just 15 minutes of uninterrupted, quality connection time was enough to strengthen our bond."

The Transformative Results:

"Our lives have changed dramatically since we started working with Samantha. Transition times are now smoother, and battles have become rare occurrences. We no longer spend 40 minutes getting out the door. The general rhythm and flow we established have made a world of difference.

Additionally, we now have effective tools to use when things go off course. Taking a break has become a useful pause button, allowing us to course-correct without drama."

Freedom from Pressure:

"One of the most significant transformations has been the freedom from pressure. We no longer feel the need to be perfect parents, always entertaining our children. We've embraced the idea that kids can engage in independent activities, knowing that our quality connection time fills their emotional cups."

A Word of Advice:

"If you're considering Samantha's Mad to Glad program, here's my advice: be open-minded and ready for small but powerful shifts. You’ll learn simple yet effective tools and guidance on how to apply them in your daily life. These tools are not just common sense; they're game-changers when implemented correctly.  Our family's life is so much better, and I'm grateful for the personal growth it brought me as a parent.”

Ashley's heartfelt testimonial and our transformative journey remind us that there's always hope for a more joyful parenting experience. We invite you to watch Ashley's video testimonial to hear more about our transformation.




Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

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P.S. Ashley's story is inspiring, and her advice to parents considering the Mad to Glad program is invaluable.   If you're on a similar parenting journey, join our free class, "Parenting an Intense Child—How to Make it Better," this Friday, October 13th at 4 pm CT.  Reserve Your Spot.