Essential Clinical Skills to Empower Parents [Recordings Inside]

After more than 18 years of working with parents of intense kids, I’m comfortable listening to stories of frustration and overwhelm without needing to jump in and “fix” anyone.  

Do parents need the right tools, in the right order, for their unique family?  Yes.

Is there something wrong with a parent or their child?  No.

Children who “act out” often need movements that influence deep levels of their nervous system so they can relax -- and life becomes much easier.

Parents who are over-controlling or demanding often need positive, step-by-step guidance in parenting tools that help their child calm down and listen -- and parenting becomes easier (and more enjoyable)!

My new friend Sonia Story, Neurodevelopmental Movement Educator, and I, spoke about the essential clinical skills we use to empower parents in creating harmony at home.  You’re invited to listen to both conversations!

[Recordings below from our 2-part webinar]

Interview #1 Features Sonia Story (interviewed by Samantha Moe) on Calming Fight-Flight and Sensory Behaviors With Neurodevelopmental MovementsClick to watch. 

As developer of the Brain and Sensory Foundations training, Sonia Story recognizes that children who can’t pay attention, balance on one leg, or sit still in circle time often have a brainstem that lacks maturity.

Less mature brain stages are a natural part of development.  For example, it’s typical and appropriate for a toddler to run wild and not sit still very long.  The problem arises when a 4-year-old, 14-year-old, or 40-year-old (or older) exhibits these same difficulties, meaning that the earlier and immature toddler brain stage of high energy / poor attention is lasting too long.  

Sonia has devoted her professional life to teaching healing movements you can do AT ANY AGE to improve self-regulation, attentiveness and relaxation.  I hope you watch our conversation! 


Interview #2 Features Samantha Moe, Certified Parent Coach (interviewed by Sonia Story) on Simple Tools to Support Overwhelmed ParentsClick to watch. 

As creator of the parent training, Mad to Glad Blueprint™️, and Positive Communication Template™️, I recognize that parenting is a sensitive topic.  However, with the right tools, taught in the right order, which are specially designed for parents with a unique (intense) child, parents can see positive behavior change in as little as two weeks.

My work is not just helping parents understand what’s beneath their child’s behavior so they can improve it, but to talk to parents about themselves (so they can improve, too).

I devoted my professional life to SIMPLIFY parenting -- and teaching professionals how they can talk to parents to reduce overwhelm and increase engagement -- so family life is fun…for everyone!


I trust you’ll pick up interesting nuggets from these two conversations. When we advance our own skills we are better able to guide parents into transformation and harmony with their children.

With love,



Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

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