Embracing the Autism Parenting Journey (Shara’s Story)

We can’t get very far without courage.  

Sometimes, we feel forced to summon bravery and keep our hearts open, especially when faced with unexpected challenges like a diagnosis of Autism. 

❣️Meet Shara, a seasoned parent with a 14-year-old autistic child. Despite years of support, she encountered sticky situations, especially during those hectic mornings before school, where she longed for ease.

Admittedly apprehensive about seeking more help, Shara embarked on our Mad to Glad parent training with cautious optimism.  She acknowledged, "You think you already know, but I was actually surprised by how much information was provided throughout the course." 🎉 🎉

In this heartfelt video, Shara shares how our parent coaching discussions nudged her out of her comfort zone, allowing her to see 💡 the deeper issue of what was triggering her son and finding a different way to navigate frustration and outbursts. 

📽️ Watch What Made a Difference to Shara’s Family 

Parenting support is never supposed to be shaming or judgmental.  In the Mad to Glad community, you realize you aren’t alone in your struggles, and there’s solace in the shared challenges and breakthroughs of fellow parents. 

Armed with a deeper understanding of child development and brain science, Shara approaches parenthood with newfound patience and grace. Embracing vulnerability as a pathway to growth, she's humbly adjusted her parenting approach, finding strength in community and shared experiences.

Reflecting on her journey, Shara emphasizes, "Knowing that I'm not the only one has been one of the greatest takeaways." 🌟

If you're facing similar challenges and seeking a way to make it better, explore our MAD TO GLAD program today.

Join us as we connect, learn, practice, and fine-tune the eight tools that work wonders for children like ours. Our next cohort begins on Wednesday, March 13th.

If you're a professional eager to lead and become Mad to Glad Certified, Let’s Talk!  Set up a call with me here.

Let's navigate this journey together with courage, compassion, and an open heart. 




Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families


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P.S. If you missed my free class and want to catch the replay on “Parenting an Intense Child: How to Make it Better,” you can!  Click here and learn about “fire in the brain” and calming hot situations, quite quickly.