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COVID 19 turns up parenting truths

With the COVID 19 situation you might feel trapped … shut-in … on lockdown.  None of these sound positive.  

In parenting, there is truth beneath the words, “I’m stuck with my kids.  They’re driving me nuts.” More on that in a bit.  

First, I’d like to relate how I felt trapped in my life a couple months ago.  The story starts out super positive -- you see, I became pregnant with my first child on December 1 and now I’m four months along.  

As a person who has devoted her career to helping parents find their children’s gifts you can imagine the patience it has taken for me to wait until the age of 37 to be blessed with a pregnancy.

But the blessing turned into something else real quick for me.

My first trimester brought feelings of nausea and fatigue, then loneliness and anger because I Could. Not. Push. Through.  So I chose to surrender to what is. Kinda like what’s happening with COVID 19.

I surrendered to the quiet of the couch.

I surrendered to waking up for 2 hours in the middle of the night for no apparent reason other than my mind had a lot of angry crap it wanted me to pay attention to.  The bottom line...

...I created a life where I felt trapped.  Trapped by the 6am-9pm schedule I had created for myself.  Isolated from friends and people I love because there was no room on my schedule.  On lockdown from adding anything to my plate like a dentist visit or a car repair to fix my malfunctioning seat belt.

I was stuck in my daily grind and it made me unhappy.

Have you ever noticed this with your life?

COVID 19 is giving us a tremendous opportunity to tune into how we feel about our lives.  Quiet and boredom do that to a person.

Maybe you’re feeling sad because you have a kiddo at home whom you’ve never really connected with.  And the shut-in reflects that truth all day long.

Or maybe your kid is thriving without the pressures of transitions, or having to get out the door, or the stress of formal school.  But you have work to do and the constant interruption irritates you.

Allow me to encourage you -- whatever your truth is!  You are meant to listen to your truth. And if it reveals an area of unhappiness don’t push it away.  Listen. Surrender.  

The result of my truth led me to a different lifestyle.  I work less. I see friends more. And I wake up happy.

If there is any way I can support you please reach out and let me know.

Honored to be in this space with you,


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