Clarify Your Core Values And You’ll Make a Meaningful Difference

Clarify Your Core Values And You’ll Make a Meaningful Difference

Did the worldwide pandemic and quarantine consume you with a tug of war between “I need to be informed” and “I am so drained that I simply can’t manage one more thing!”?

Add in national protests and riots on the essential, politically charged topic of racial equality, and your dream to build a business seems almost meaningless. Or does it? 

These are incredibly real topics -- and so is helping families -- which is why we want to help you build your business so you can lead them toward positive change, using the talents you already have! 

With so much online chatter it is easy to doubt your unique skills.  

You may wonder:
Does my voice matter?” -- or -- 
“Is what I currently have to offer good enough?”

In our Build Your Thriving Practice mastermind program we teach a Core Values process that helps you develop your confidence and your voice.  And we’re sharing it with you today to boost your motivation for building a successful business so you can get your skills out there and continue helping people!

When you know what truly matters to you then you 
have the keys to contribute to 
the world-at-large.   

Core Values process:

In this 5-10 minute free-write activity, the key is to let your unique voice shine through--don’t overthink it or try to wordsmith.  Every first draft is supposed to be quick and dirty. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, take a deep breath or do whatever makes your creativity flow, and get started! 

1. Make a list of people you admire and how they inspire you. Do you consider them a role model for a special reason? Do they connect in a way that’s meaningful to you?

Really put some time, energy, and thought into this list. You tend to be drawn to people that have similar values and when you complete this step your brain begins to see a pattern that helps you filter out the type of business you want to offer.

2. Make a list of values that are important to you personally.  What guides you and the work you do?  Which values help you make important decisions? 

Write down everything that comes to mind. No filter. It's ok if there are duplicates, that means those are the values that are extremely important to you. In fact, highlight those!

3. Brainstorm and free-write for only 5-10 minutes.  Then put the paper aside.  

If you wake up in a day or two and think of new ideas, add them to your list.  Give yourself permission to be complete for now (this overcomes perfectionist tendencies).

4. Notice...How do your values match up with who you want to serve? Every time you make a decision you will be making it with your values in mind, do they match up?

If your values and your ideal client’s profile are congruent, you are on the right track to contributing to positive change.  If not, and you would like support on getting your business off the ground, hit “reply” to this email and ask to set up a coaching call with Summer, our business coach extraordinaire.

To do the meaningful work you are meant to do in the world right now -- and enjoy the process -- it's essential to start your business off on the right foot by knowing what is important to you. This helps you accomplish what is even more important...serving your client well.

Become clear on what matters most to you in this world and how you are going to use it to make a difference.


Summer Picha is a Mad to GladTM certified parent coach and mastermind/business coach at Samantha Moe and Associates.  As a Montessorian who founded three schools and trained 90+ child professionals she knows it is essential to start business off on the right foot by knowing what is important to you.  Summer helps entrepreneurs clarify their dreams, break it down into manageable action steps, and successfully make a difference -- while enjoying the process!  Find out more about Summer’s work at

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