Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Parenting ​​♻️

Separating our parenting style from the ways we were raised is no simple task.

When you've embarked on a healing journey from childhood wounds, the moments of tension that arise with your own children often carry significant weight.

This is the journey that Lisa, a mom of three kids ages 10, 13, and 18, and I recently discussed - and I'd like to invite you to listen in!

Lisa's three strong-willed kids each have unique needs and personalities. When she joined our parent training program, Lisa was overwhelmed. She realized that her life wasn't compartmentalized effectively, stress dominated, and everything felt like barely controlled chaos. 

❣️But Lisa was determined to make a change. She recognized that, to support her children through their transitions and challenges, she needed to start by prioritizing herself. It was a profound realization, one that opened new doors to understanding and growth.

In this video, Lisa shares a pivotal moment of concern about her relationship with her oldest child, Ainsley, who would be heading off to college soon. 🎓

The transition loomed ahead, and Lisa couldn't help but wonder where her relationship with Ainsley would stand because they were constantly bickering like cats and dogs. 🐱🐶

With the Mad to Glad+ program's pillars, Lisa began seeing her children's personalities and needs from a fresh perspective. She realized it was time to shift away from being a reactive parent and break the cycle of toxic parenting that had been passed down to her. ♻️

One of the most significant realizations Lisa had was that it needed to finally be “The Year of Me.” 🎉 🎉 🎉  Parenting three kids, two with special needs, alongside managing her mental health, was a challenge, but she realized that to help her family she needed to prioritize.

📽️Watch Lisa's Inspiring Journey - Click Here 📽️

Parenting isn't about quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions. It's about principles rooted in finding calm, establishing rhythm, fostering collaboration, and creating a home filled with more happy moments and fewer conflicts. In Lisa's case, it meant finding cohesiveness in a household with three different kids, each requiring unique parenting approaches.

Has it been easy for Lisa to implement these changes over the course of six months? No, but, of course, it's been worth it to see her relationships deepen and positive growth in all her kids.

If you resonate with Lisa's story or have concerns about your family situation and want tools to make it better, sign up for my FREE parenting class next week! 🙂

I'm here to listen and support you on your unique parenting journey.




Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families

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