As a Couple We Feel More Relaxed Raising a Child with Autism

Parents raising a child with high functioning autism (Asperger’s) have a unique set of challenges that may begin with tension and frustration but can evolve into volatile emotions and manipulative behavior.

Jim and Danielle share their story of raising a daughter with high functioning autism (Asperger’s) as a light to show you there IS a way to move out of a dark place to one of hope and strength.

Our 12-year-old was causing so much chaos and frustration in our house that we at times felt hopeless. She would frequently push buttons and "pit" my husband and I against each other, which strained our relationship and marriage.

When I directly called my daughter out on something my husband grew worried she would "blow" and so became quiet and anxious around her.


Our daughter picked up on these signs and she would go after me -- because she was able to get away with it -- until I yelled for help. We had to call the police to our home three times within a couple months.

I was emotionally and physically wiped out. I spent so much time and energy trying to create a calm environment that sometimes I wondered how I could continue to keep it up. I was anxious going out in public, wondering if something were going to happen.

We were both walking on eggshells trying to survive.

That was all before we started the Mad to Glad Blueprint…

When I compare to where we are now it seems like that was a lifetime ago instead of only a few months. Today, everyone feels safe, happy, respected, heard and an integral part of the family.

We have effective tools that not only calm volatile behavior but also largely prevent it!

Our overall feeling in the house is much more positive. We recognize triggers and how to handle them much more effectively. Knowing that we have "reclaimed" our life again has really made a huge difference.  

As a couple we feel more relaxed in dealing with our children – CALM has now become a part of our lives.

Listen to Jim & Danielle share their biggest surprise from the parent coaching journey:

We learned to be on the same page, to share responsibilities and communicate better – as a result, our marriage has grown stronger!

Where other programs, therapists, or counselors have failed, Mad to Glad works with you to utilize your strengths to become a better parent.

You have to have an open mind and trust the parent coaching. It takes a lot of work to change your way of parenting, but the rewards start to show up quickly!

What I love is that intuitively, everything makes sense. You are not doing some crazy paradigm shift that you don't know where it may lead.

From the start, problems are identified and goals are set. I cannot recommend Mad to Glad enough!

If you want parenting tools that really work (and give you the strength to handle whatever the future may hold) check out our parent training, Mad2Glad Blueprint here.

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