Anxiety or Control? Empathy + Discipline (session recording)

I’m always delighted by the positive intent of parents who seek me out.  

You tend to read parenting books, work with therapists, and collaborate closely with school.  

You’ve often tried strategies to help your kid feel calmer, like expressing empathy, and you notice what’s good about them (not just the negative).  

If this is you, it’s likely you can relate to my conversation with Laura and Lindsay from Tuesday night’s group call, “Connect & Ask Questions.”

They said, “We don’t know if our son’s explosive emotions are related to anxiety or control.  We express empathy in those moments but he gets on a path we call ‘burn it all down.’  Is there something else we can do?”

Listen to our recorded conversation (runtime: 16 minutes)

Want to hear our entire conversation?  Laura and Lindsay ask their question starting at the 17-minute mark. Tune in here.

We cover a really cool brain-based parenting pillar from the Mad to Glad Blueprint called Emotion Coaching, but you’ll hear that I suggest going beyond and establishing a positive discipline structure so he integrates empathy WITH self-control.

If you are a therapist or teacher yourself, or you’ve read a bunch of parenting books about expressing empathy, I encourage you not to stop there.  

Yes, empathy is super important for connection and emotional development.  So are other parenting tools like boundaries, self-care, and discipline.

We talk about all these step-by-step parenting tools during my 8-week online program that starts Friday, May 6 @ 12:30pm-2:00pm Central.

Classes are recorded so you can watch after work, at your convenience.  

I do spot-coaching with at least one family every week so you hear PRACTICAL ways to implement the specific brain-based strategy in real, and complex, family dynamics.

I hope you join us -- click here to register!




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