🔥 the first ever Mad to Glad Parent Educator Certification

I’ve been waiting to share something with you… 

You know how I deeply resonate with intense kids who are more – more emotional, more sensitive, more strong-willed – than other kids.  I adore them.  Yet, they can wear us down and make us act in ways we never expected. 😏 

As parents of these kids, we need a nurturing space to come together, share our struggles, and find ways to bring light into the darkest corners of parenting. 

Mad to Glad has been one of the avenues I’ve channeled my unwavering belief in loving both children and parents.  And over the last year I’ve been profoundly moved by the stories of empowerment and transformation shared by those who walked the Mad to Glad path. 

It shows the incredible power of parents learning and growing together. 

And now I’m inviting you to carry this flame with me as I’m offering something I’ve never offered before… 

I’m excited and deeply honored to announce the first ever Mad to Glad Parent Educator Certification. 🎉🎉🎉

You are the first to know so I want you to have the weekend to consider whether you’d like to dedicate this next season of your life to guiding parents. 

This inaugural journey is firmly rooted in my 19+ years of work, encompassing a thousand families and sixty certified parent coaches.  We understand the tools parents need to flourish, and we know how to support your growth as a leader so you can make a profound impact on parents in your community! 

Here’s a glimpse of the program: 

Mad to Glad Parent Educator Certification training starts on Friday, October 20th.   

Phase 1 of the Certification Path lasts for 10 weeks:

🌱 You'll watch the Mad to Glad+ (for parents) class at your own pace each week.

🌱 You'll have a reserved seat in the Mad to Glad+ live group coaching calls that commence on Wednesday, October 25th. You can choose to attend these sessions live or listen to the recordings.

🌱 I'll personally guide you through the class material each week, providing ample practice opportunities, Q&A sessions, and mentorship.

🌱 You'll gain access to a private certification Facebook group for connections + questions.

🌱 You'll receive a detailed guidebook complete with facilitation notes and tips for leading each class effectively. 

Upon completing Phase 1, you’ll be ready for Phase 2: Guiding Your “Pilot” Parenting Group.  Upon completion of all requirements, you will be certified to host paid or unpaid groups using the Mad to Glad curriculum. 

I will personally teach you how to lead a group of parents on a transformative journey that doesn’t devolve into complaint sessions. 

We’ve built the curriculum in a way that there are many entry points. 

💗 If you’ve worked directly with children but haven’t delved into parenting tools or how to navigate sensitive conversations with parents, this course provides you with a template for both. 

💫 If you’ve led numerous parent classes and crave a comprehensive yet simple program that equips parents to enhance positive connection, achieve calm, and foster peaceful collaboration, you’ll find a clear path here.  

💥 Let me ignite your passion you can bring light to your community.  Together, we can guide parents away from the path of frustration and towards a happier, more harmonious life.  

Take your time to reflect on whether this is your true calling and an opportunity to provide for your family in a meaningful way. 

Next week, I have seven available slots for individual conversations about this program.  We can explore your goals together and decide if now is the time for you to join me on this journey! 




Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families


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