✨Modern Fatherhood is Meaningful, Not Mean

Many dads, just like Joe, come to my program because their deep love for their kids sometimes feels at odds with their daily interactions. 🧨

🦁 It takes courage to acknowledge the need for change and seek a purposeful and positive approach to fatherhood. Joe, in particular, stands out as someone I deeply respect and admire for taking this courageous step towards meaningful and mindful parenting.

When Joe contacted me, he was feeling tender about the job he was doing as a parent. 

It’s clear that Joe’s 5-year-old twins are a wonderful part of his life, and he loves them very much.  

What wasn’t clear was why he felt guilty all the time.  

See, Joe grew up in a highly passionate family and he noticed his parenting tendency to blow up the room -- either with high, excited energy or with his temper.  He thought he was supposed to be aggressive but started questioning himself after noticing he needed to apologize to his kids for his behavior, a lot. 

He wondered if modern fatherhood was less about stereotypical masculinity and more about creating a calm and safe environment. 

Joe and I recently had a conversation about his journey away from loud parenting tactics to an approach where he slows down, sits next to his kids when they're upset, and allows a meaningful connection to unfold. 

And what did Joe’s intentional slowing down tumble him into?  

The reward of deep, meaningful connection – with his kids, his wife, his work clients and his friends! 📽️ Watch Joe’s Transformational Shift -- Click Here.

You’ll like this if you are a high energy (or high temper) parent who wants to feel closer to your family, less worn down, and more confident in your positive impact.  

You don't have to settle for strained interactions with your children, marked by frustration and anger. There's still so much you can do to transform your family dynamics and foster a closer, more loving bond 🍁with your kids!

If you’re striving for more meaningful connections with your kids while keeping your temper in check, then I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with my upcoming Mad to Glad+ parenting cohort.

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You don't have to navigate this path alone. Together, we can craft a fresh plan so you build the kind of meaningful connection with your kids that you've always wanted and can be truly proud of!

Join me!  We start on Wednesday, October 25th.

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Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP
Certified Parent Coach
Creator, Mad to Glad Blueprint ™
Professional training to support intense kids and their families


P.S. Dads often report positive change in the first two weeks of our program.  🎉 Our training starts on Wednesday, October 25th.  Register here. Past participants save 48%, always.  Email for the discount code.  

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